St. John the Baptist, Brooklyn NY

Cultural & Religious

In 1886, the Congregation of the Mission, the religious order of priests and brothers knows as the Vincentians, founded the parish “Mary, Queen of the Isles” that was to become St. John the Baptist Parish in 1888. St. John’s University was founded at St. John the Baptist in 1870.

CCCNYC representing FEMA Disaster Assistance in response to Hurricane Sandy collaborating with an extensive team of facade restoration professionals engaged to oversee the replacement of the slate roof, high priority stone and masonry repairs, cornice and pinnacle reconstruction as well as stained-glass window stabilization and replacement in order to secure the exterior building envelop. The team also addressed necessary interior repairs.


Ownership - Diocese of Brooklyn

Ownership Management - Rocklyn Asset Group

Project Team Lead / Owner’s Representative - CCCNYC

Architect - Zaskorski & Associates

Structural Engineers - RSE Associates

General Contractor - Victoria Consulting & Development